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13 Home Improvement Tips 2023

Welcome to the future of home improvement! In this blog, we’re thrilled to share with you 13 game-changing home improvement tips for 2023. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just starting your journey into transforming your living space, these tips will revolutionise the way you approach your projects.

Throughout this article, we’ll unveil innovative techniques, clever hacks, and insider secrets that will elevate your home improvement game. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of discovery, where your imagination will be sparked, and your DIY skills will reach new heights. So, without further ado, let’s dive into these extraordinary home improvement tips that will change the way you think about enhancing your living environment!

1. Budget matters

It is easy to over-capitalise on a home renovation project. The aim is to achieve your home renovations within your budget. So, listing a budget of the ‘must have’ and ‘nice to have’ is undeniably the first step of a renovation project.

2. Work in sections

This next tip is targeted especially to newbie renovators who are brimming with ideas and are eager to give their homes a makeover. Renovation projects are messy, noisy, and dusty and can often get overwhelming. The trick is to divide your living space and work in sections. Before moving to the next part, make sure that the previous one is completed.

3. Find what you need

We now move on to the backbone of every project, and that is research and planning.  To prepare a successful plan, start with itemising what you will need to buy, and search for the best deals for these products. Before you buy, consider talking to people with experience and buying products with a good reputation.

4. Invest in quality tools that are specific to your task

The best advice is to invest in quality tools that will do the job well; help with speed, efficiency and quality; and are long-lasting. The Paint Pot Pro® and Essential Range are perfect for this and your DIY painting project.

5. Refurbish and re-use

If there is an old piece of furniture that you love – don’t throw it away! Blend it into your new design by painting or staining using colours that match your home. You can also restore your old furniture to its former glory.

6. Furniture layout

Changing the layout of your furniture can create a different feel, give you more space or have the feeling of more space. Take this opportunity to work out a new layout for your rooms.

7. Multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture is an answer to small living spaces. Most of the multipurpose furniture pieces are stylish, practical and clever.

8. Be green.

Indoor plants bring life to your home, are relatively inexpensive and take little effort to maintain. Consider different height hanging plant stands for dimension and depth.

9. DIY décor.

Express yourself with a DIY arts and crafts project. The internet is brimming with blogs and videos that will give you lots of ideas and inspiration. You can add a touch of sentiment to your decorations by involving your entire family in a project. Give it a go! It can be rewarding, and you may discover some hidden talents.

10. Repaint and refresh

Painting your home is without a doubt the most economical option to give your home a renovation. Painting might appear to be daunting. But, with the right tools and planning, you can easily take up this challenge. The Paint Pot Pro® and Essentials Range will give you everything you need – from high-tech brushes, lint-free rollers, and more!

11. Paint a feature wall

If repainting your entire home is not something you can do right now, consider painting a feature wall. You can go all out while painting this wall and let it be an extension of your creative self, or search for ideas on the internet. If art and drawing is your thing, then you can also consider painting a mural on this wall.

12. A bold door of colour

If a feature-painted wall is not something you are confident in doing, then how about painting your doors? You can give your doors a single bold look.

13. Get started – Stop procrastinating!

We hope these ideas and tips help you with your renovation and inspire you to get started. Good luck!

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