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The Paint Pot Pro® is an Australian owned company that is over 20 years in the making! Each evolution – from the beginning concept to the final product (our 14 in 1 painters tool) – has achieved versatility, detail and strength it is today.

Safety during painting tasks has always been our top priority, and this is reflected in the features of each design, especially our 14 in 1 painters tool.

The Paint Pot Pro’s® diverse multi-use features and functions will bring enthusiasm and simplicity to painting!

Our Essentials range comprises of premium painting tools specifically selected for the vast majority of internal and external painting jobs. The essential premium tools will turn a DIY painting project to a quality and professional finish

Paint Pot Pro® Finalist in Product Design


Over 25 years ago the inventor of the Paint Pot Pro® had the vision to create a product that provides a solution for the many problems and frustrations encountered during painting tasks. Some of these include:
  • brushes falling & being submerged in paint pots
  • swinging & spilling paint buckets
  • wasted time spent finding tools, such as tin openers & mullets
  • finding a place to rest working paint brushes & rollers
  • climbing ladders with a paintbrush clenched between teeth
  • dangerously navigating ladder-use carrying paint pot, brushes, and rollers

Eco-Friendly, Recyclable, RoHS Approved Plastics

Design & Manufacture

  • Multiple designs have been instrumental to the development of the Paint Pot Pro® – from conceptual through to industrial architectural CAD drawings and samples. Product testing including durability, stress tests, safety and customer usability were conducted throughout development.
  • Extensive research into manufacturing plants, together with a visit to China in 2019, affirmed the following criteria:
    • Modern plants with contemporary technology able to produce high-quality products
    • Well-established processes to meet demand
    • Provide a non- ‘sweat-shop’ environment for its workers
    • Compliance with eco-friendly and RoHS-approved plastics
  • The selected plant has well-established processes and produces high-end medical grade products for the United States market.
  • Relationships with the manufacturing plant owners and industrial designers is well established, reassuring compliance to manufacturing standards and product development.
  • Strict processes and protocols, including regular oversite and quality control of end-products, ensure high standards are met.

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