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Exterior House Paint Colour Ideas in 2023 for All Kinds Of Homes

2023 is here, and we are sure that you’ve thought of a few resolutions and promises to fulfill for the year ahead. We have noticed a lot many people make themselves a promise to start everything afresh viz. painting their home, setting up a small garden, refurbishing the furniture, etc. And if you are one of them who want to kick start the New Year by painting their home, then you have come to the right place! As we have got for you some great exterior house paint colour ideas.

1. Taupe coupled with beige.

Beige and taupe fall under the category of neutral colours. And with time, they have grown to become the most favorite colours for the exterior.

2. A hint of teal with lots of blue

Teal has its own charm and blends perfectly with a shade that belongs to the family of blue. Here, we loved the combo of mixing a slight teal with the darker shade of blue and lighter shade of grey.

3. Vibrant colours for the front door

If you love your house painted in the shades of white and pale yellow, then you might consider adding a tinge of outstanding colours on your front doors. Vibrant, painted doors are already winning their hearts- they can be easily spotted in restaurants, cafes, shops, and boutiques.

4. Charcoal grey for a modern look

This colour has got its own richness. It makes even a simple looking home, modern and stylish. Just a few strokes on the exterior and the old look transforms into an extraordinarily posh look.

5. More shades of grey

Play around with the shades and you’ll expose yourself to the unlimited possibilities of colour combinations. Be it a slate grey colour, charcoal grey, the lighter shade of grey, or streaks of gothic black, they’ all are gonna make your home look rich and luxurious.

6. Sage green with a tinge of white

Sage green exudes warmness, and standouts extraordinarily ravishing when paired with white paint. The woodwork adds more to its beauty, thus making it look downright cozy.

7. All white and bright

White can never disappoint; it always looks fresh and tranquil. If you paint your home all white, then you get a lot of scopes to splash random colours on almost everywhere. Be it the door, the window panel, or the roof. It sets you free to play around with colours and make it look appealing.

8. Gothic black’s opulence

Black never ceases to amaze us. It gives away the feeling of being decadent and yet simple. When paired with some woodwork and stonework, the house looks exquisite and captivating.

9. Combo of earth tones

Earth tones are generally considered to be friendly, contemporary, and inviting. Moreover, the earthy tones bring out the contemporary side of the rustic look.

10. Warm tones of brown

It will be an injustice to make a list of exterior house paint colour ideas and not mention the browns. The warm hue of browns has to have a special place secured for being the all-time favorite. From doors to windows, brown always looks classy and sets out a whole new different standard of coziness.

The bottom line – Every colour has its frequency and its own charm. Let only your preference and choice of colour make your home the brightest one and the happiest one.

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